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To repair or replace?

As a general rule you can repair a stone chip that is under the size of a twoonie. Repairs are most successful if they are performed as soon as possible after the impact. If too much dirt gets impregnated in chip it contaminates the chip and makes repair more difficult. It is generally not advisable to repair a chip directly in sight line especially if it is large. A properly repaired chip will last forever and actually increases the strength of the glass in that area. All Cooper Glass stone chip repairs carry a lifetime warranty* against breakage and will be NEARLY invisible after the repair has been completed.

Windshields replaced or stone chips repaired! Insurance claims handled by us for you!

Well autumn is upon us. Time to get those chips and cracks fixed before the cold of winter comes. We will look after all the insurance claim for you, so no hassles. Most insurance companies cover the cost of the chip repair at no cost to you. Most repairs can be completed in 30-45 minutes and we do offer evening and weekend appointments on request at no additional charge! If that chip has become a crack, we will replace your windshield with a quality replacement, while taking the utmost care of making sure your vehicle is restored to its original integrity. Don’t let your insurance companies call center tell or “steer” you to one of their “preferred” locations. Often times these locations are owned by the same parent company as the claims management company. It is your vehicle and you are entitled to have anyone you desire work on it. No one can tell you where to have it repaired. At Cooper Glass we are locally owned and operated. Our sole mission is to make sure you leave happy and satisfied that the work completed was up to your standards. We guarantee all workmanship for life.  We also offer a free mobile service to Peterborough, Lindsay, and the Kawartha’s. All insurance companies can be dealt with for you while you wait making the claims process a lot easier than one thinks. The claim is considered a not at fault claim and will not raise your insurance rates. Most times the insurance route is the most economical way to go about getting your automobiles glass replaced. When the time comes to have your vehicle’s glass repaired or replaced give local homegrown COOPER GLASS a call to look after YOU!

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